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    Our Goal
    The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary, said the founder of one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, Wal-Mart, and it is advice that we here at Krupa Hi-tech take very, very seriously. That’s why our team of dedicated support staff are always at hand to assist you with the smallest of things with regard to our products.
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    Our Believe
    We always believe in keeping our ears close to the road to sense any changes that might be occurring and respond to it in an appropriate manner. Our staff and technicians are taught and trained to listen to all of your complaints and feedback and only then give you a response. Your problem is our problem and thus we endeavour to understand it as completely as possible to help you in the most appropriate manner.
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    Our Ultimate Aim
    Our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality of your life and save you valuable time while doing that. Therefore you can expect a timely solution to any of your problems and issues.

As a rule, we do not strive to make promises that we have no intention of keeping. In simpler words, what you see and what you hear from us, is exactly what you will get. So when we say that we will give you all the support you need to enjoy our products, you can truly expect every ounce of that service.

Whether you step into our showrooms, or get in touch with our customer support specialists, you will always see a smiling and courteous response. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like or how bad the problem is, our staff will ensure that you feel totally comfortable with the process. No matter how complex or difficult maybe the problem with the product, you can be rest assured that we will find out a solution to it. And we will do all of this in the shortest time frame possible as the important thing is that you get back to enjoying your product as soon as possible. You will be updated at every stage of the repair and service cycle, so that you can easily keep track of the process.


To make sure that you that you can reach out to us at your convenience, we have established various modes for communicating your issues to us. You can go online and post your complaint, or drop us a mail with all the relevant details. You can also give us a call and you’re sure to reach one of our helpful customer assistance staff who will guide you on the best possible route to get your product fixed. Thus you can get your Bslate fixed from the comfort of your home itself.

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