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Bslate Bluetooth smart keypad

Product Features

  • Sync phonebook
  • Sync call history
  • Phone calling supported
  • Sync music play
  • Anti-lost
  • Green, Healthy, No radiation


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Product Description
  • Bluetooth smart keypad
  • Portable mini smart Bluetooth
Product Features
  • Portable mini mobile phone: Solve large-screen,tablet mobile phones and other bulky weight and broke other issues.
  • Good assistant for voice calls; It is convenient for driver, solve the high-altitude operation staff answer the phone problem.
  • 0.66" LED Screen able to show Caller ID, Keyboard Dialer, Phone book Seach, Time display and more
  • Green and Healthy: Avoid Phone electromagnetic radiation injury body.
  • Anti-lost function: when mobile phone is far away from Bluetooth headset dialer or Bluetooth is disconnected, the dialer automatically beep sounds to alarm you.
Key specifications  
Size 67.5 x 26 x 11.5mm
Charging port 5 PIN USB, 5V(Same as cable of Samsung, HTC etc)
Voltage 3.65V
Standby time 120hours
Talking time 4.5hours
Screen display Time, Week, Year Month, Day
Call distance 10 meters
Listen to music Distance 15 m
Phonebook Can stored 250 phone numbers
Call records Missed calls, Dialed, Delete a call log, Call timer clear
What do you get?
  • 1 * Bluetooth
  • 1 * Ear Hook
  • 1 * stuffing box
  • 1 * Charge cable
  • 1 * User Manual

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