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You don’t dress like your parents, why should you study like them

Reading with books is a thing of the past. It was done in an age where electronics were just being imagined. But why do we need to carry around those heavy, fragile and not so waterproof bundles of paper, when we can condense it all into a pad the size of a notebook. Read, write, take notes, underline, highlight and even bookmark, just like you would do a tome. No more do you need to worry about forgetting your history textbook at home, when you have your whole syllabus at your fingertips. You’re the next generation, it’s about time you started studying like them.

You always dreamed of throwing your books

Now you can do just that. Cause we are bringing you the modern way of reading. No more dusty, crummy books with yellowing paper, but an electronic platform for which the sky is the limit. Draw, sketch, read, highlight and do much more than what you normally do on your books. We believe the sky is the limit for you, and our tab will help you reach that and more.


The unique educational tab makes life more knowledgeable and hassle-free

With students trying to produce the best attempt to get the knowledge on special subject, here is a trendy Tablet to function as the guidebook in your lifetime's trip.

Maintain students safe and concentrated with an immersive knowing expertise

Classpad includes distinctive android games, apps and softwares that encourage deeper and active engagement in the educational process among k 12 students in India.


Let your fingers do the walking with our unique educational tab

Fingers walking around the screen and the Speach recognisation apps improve the communication skills of your children with a portable educational tab.

Take the unique education tab, take the world in your pocket

Its smaller dimensions and weight make it simpler to slip into and out of a bag or to hold in one hand or simply in your pocket.

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